About us

Nicky and Karen Co founders of Travelling Bazaar

It started in the search for a French perfume by Karen for Nicky

It started in the search for a French perfume by Karen for Nicky who was helping a friend set up a lifestyle shop in Wales. 

From that search many years ago, a buying visit to London fashion week occurred and the first curated pop up shop was launched in Karen’s living room and kitchen 10 years ago.

What followed that initial pop up shop were many more curated events, always in easily accessible locations such as museums, art studios, friends kitchens, barns, village halls and on sunny days in the garden! The name Travelling Bazaar was an obvious choice back then, when we were literally trekking from place to place with our wares for folks who wanted something different to what the high street had to offer.

Our buying style was instinct led, we bought a little of what we fancied (and hoped others would too) from all over - Danish fashion and rainwear, French jewellery and boots, English ceramics. We collaborated with awesome local chefs, musicians and make up artists to create a truly inspiring shopping experience.

Even now despite having moved into our own bricks and mortar shops, we still strive to create that living room/atelier shopping experience. An experience that you enjoy beyond whether you make a purchase. We want our customers to feel a connection with us and our brand and we achieve that through our customer service which we believe to be personal, friendly and approachable. Visit our shops to have a coffee, listen to some music, chat with us and some of our team and hopefully try something new and exciting. All in a safe judgement free environment.

10 years on we have two shops and continue to hunt for the best we can when it comes to surprising and delighting our customers. We are continuously learning, improving and (sometimes) cocking up but we love what we do!